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Gentle Tooth Extractions

At Mankato Family Dental, we will make every effort to save your teeth and avoid extractions whenever possible. In cases when a tooth is beyond repair, you can rely on us for gentle extraction services.

  • Trauma care extractions

  • Unrepairable broken tooth

  • Preparing for orthodontic treatment

  • Wisdom teeth removal and more

Get your winning smile back after a tooth extraction with Mankato Family Dental's first-rate restorative dentistry services.

From implants to dentures, we have the solutions for your individual dental needs. We accept patients of all ages and treat everyone with the highest level of care.

You are not alone if you feel anxious about getting dental work. To help you stay relaxed during an extraction, Mankato Family Dental offers nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Rest assured we have over 30 years of experience.

Over 30 years in practice. To schedule an appointment, call us today:

Dental extractions

Nitrous oxide

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