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If you find yourself in the need for a Root Canal you will be well taken care of at Mankato Family Dental. Many teeth, both primary and permanent, that become injured or severely decayed can be saved with Endodontics. Endodontics is the area of dentistry that specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases or injuries to the dental pulp. The most common reasons for needing a Root Canal are cracked tooth, deep decay, complications involving a large dental restoration, or traumatic injury to the tooth.

  • Throbbing and severe tooth pain

  • Swelling in irritated areas

  • Heat and cold sensitivity

  • Teeth hurt when biting or applying pressure

  • Bad taste in the mouth

Emergency service for current patients

Root Canal treatment is a procedure that involves removing the injured or infected pulp of the tooth. A tooth that has had Root Canal treatment can last for many years and even forever, as long as there is proper care. Excellent oral hygiene and regular visits to your dentist are important for the Root Canaled teeth, as well as your other teeth. Most Root Canaled teeth require a dental crown to be placed for added protection from future injuries, such as a cracked tooth or broken tooth.


If your tooth requires additional expertise, Drs. Dumke and Meehan work closely with Root Canal specialists called Endodontists.

You don’t have to suffer for days on end when you have a bad toothache! Mankato Family Dental offers you emergency appointments as a current patient. We accept most insurance and use the latest dental technology in our full-service office.

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Infection symptoms:

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